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Formed in 2005 as a preferred supplier to UK
Ministry of Defence and Government.

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cyber security for SME

Managed Security Services

Warrior Networks offers customers an array of managed services that are designed to mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks. These services are built and operated within the UK, ensuring that data is kept onshore and secure. With a team of experienced specialists at the helm, we are able to quickly identify and focus on the most critical threats to our customers, providing real-time alerts and incident reports.

Our services offer 24/7 coverage, alleviating the burden of constant monitoring for potential threats. Our expert security analysts work tirelessly to assure customer confidentiality, integrity and availability. To maintain the highest levels of security, we adhere to best practice guidelines as set forth by industry regulatory bodies. Customers can rest assured that their data is in good hands with Warrior Networks.


Our managed SOC and XDR services offer top-of-the-line military-grade cybersecurity built upon market-leading technology. With our advanced threat detection and response capabilities, we ensure the safety of all endpoints, cloud instances, and IoT devices. Our efficient deployment and detection processes guarantee speedy security for modern hybrid organizations and critical systems. Additionally, our teams and ITSM integration provide a comprehensive solution to meet all your cybersecurity needs.

cyber security for SME



Managed SIEM & MDR with 24 x7 Automated
response in Teams Automated Response via Teams Monthly External Vulnerability Scanning Information Assurance Policy Library Cyber Security Maturity Assessment Tool


Managed SIEM, SOC & MDR with 24 x7 Threat Hunter response Automated Response via Teams Monthly External Vulnerability Scanning Information Assurance Policy Library Cyber Security Maturity Assessment Tool Annual External Penetration Test & Cyber Risk Management Portal


Managed SIEM, SOC, MDR & XDR with 24 x7 Threat Hunter response Automated Response via Teams Continuous Threat Attacking (Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing) Automated Compliance updates & reporting Information Assurance Policy Library Cyber Security Maturity Assessment Tool Annual External, Internal and Web App Penetration Test & Cyber Risk Management Portal



The Warrior Networks service was developed with an emphasis on rapid on-boarding, utilizing automation to reduce the need for extensive security personnel and tools. This allows customers to efficiently respond to security events using the most current threat intelligence available. The service is tailored to suit the needs of organizations that already possess a SOC or prefer to handle their own alerts and alarms.

Microsoft Sentinel-as-Code (CI/CD DevOps)

By using the DevOps pipelines this allows our developers to work together on a shared repository of code and as changes are made, there are automated build processes for detecting code issues. The outcome is a faster development life cycle and a lower error rate.

Microsoft 365, Azure Security Activity Logs

Microsoft 365 and Azure Security activity log data connectors are configured via our Sentinel-as-Code package for automated playbook responses. Automatic responses and collaboration via Microsoft Teams

Threat Hunting & Intelligence

Our enterprise security system is enhanced by a human touch, which serves to complement our automated processes. Our team of highly skilled Level 3 SOC Analysts carry out comprehensive threat searches, monitoring, reporting, containment and neutralization to ensure the safety of our enterprise.

Threat Intelligence Enrichment & High-Fidelity Analytics

By utilizing these threat indicators, it is possible to identify malicious activity that may be occurring within customer environments. This information can then be used to provide additional context to security investigators or playbooks, allowing for more informed response decisions to be made.

Security Reporting

The dashboard for security incidents, specifically designed for analysts, is accessible along with supplementary online reports that record key performance indicators for managerial purposes.

Log Analytics Agent Log Source collation

The Log Analytics agent is employed to gather information from non-standard text file formats originating from both Windows and Linux systems. This information is then transferred to Microsoft Sentinel for analysis and parsing purposes.

Custom Cloud & On-Premises Log Source collation

By implementing CI/CD deployment, data connectors for various data sources can be seamlessly integrated into the customer's Microsoft Sentinel instance. This ensures that all relevant telemetry is ingested and available for analysis within Microsoft Sentinel.

Quarterly External Vulnerability Scanning

The service is conducted quarterly, and it centers around agreed assets. Its main objective is to facilitate vulnerability scanning, scheduling, and support the customer in determining the appropriate course of action to respond to vulnerabilities that have been identified.

Continuous Security Posture Improvement (PTaaS)

This service, which is conducted quarterly and only on mutually agreed upon assets, centers around scheduling and conducting vulnerability scans. Additionally, it offers assistance to the customer in determining an appropriate response plan for any vulnerabilities discovered.

Unlimited Incident Response

Our subscription bundles for incident response offer unrestricted access to detect, isolate, and address any malevolent cyber incidents that may arise.

1000 Day
Log Storage

Standard log storage spans 1,000 days, providing a long-term solution for forensic investigations. This allows threat hunters to review historical security logs, ensuring data integrity, compliance, and easy retrieval. The logs are stored centrally to guarantee their integrity and ease of access.

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