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Safeguard your data with Cyber Essentials

Safeguard your organization, along with its valuable data and applications, against hacking and malicious attacks through Cyber Essentials, a scheme supported by the government that provides defense against various prevalent cyber threats.

Here to help protect your organisation

The UK Government has launched Cyber Essentials, a scheme aimed at assisting businesses in safeguarding themselves from cyber-attacks and hackers. The program provides companies with a framework of five vital yet standard security controls: Firewalls, Secure Configuration, User Access Control, Malware Protection, and Patch Management.

Regardless of your company's in-house expertise, the cyber essentials scheme is an excellent tool to help reduce the constant threat of security breaches.

What is the scope for software and devices?

The Cyber Essentials requirements must now be met by all devices and software within the scope boundary that satisfy any of the following criteria: the ability to receive incoming network connections from untrusted hosts on the internet, the capability to initiate incoming network connections from untrusted internet-connected hosts, and the authority to govern the transmission of data between any of these devices and the internet.

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What does Cyber Essentials cover?

The Cyber Essentials scheme reviews your systems and zones in on five key control areas:

Network and firewall security

Ensuring you have basic levels of network security and are safely connected to the outside world.

Malware Protects

Malware attacks are one of the most significant risks facing businesses today. As such, Cyber Essentials reviews all your devices to ensure they are sufficiently protecting your data and privacy.

Security configuration

Ensuring that you’re implementing the correct security measures across all devices, both infrastructure, and end-user, covering home-working and in-office devices.

Controlling and limited user account access

Protecting both your end-users and data from internal/external threats.

Patch Management

Ensuring all connected devices receive the latest software and security patches.

Cyber Essentials Certification

There are two Cyber Essentials Certification available for businesses:

Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Essentials framework offers organisations, regardless of their size or industry, an introductory level of security assessment and suggestions for improvement. By utilizing this framework, businesses can receive a report that heightens their awareness of security risks and promotes the adoption of more secure behaviours.

Cyber Essentials Plus

In order to gain a comprehensive comprehension of potential security flaws, Cyber Essentials Plus extends the foundational framework by thoroughly examining all relevant settings, including but not limited to user devices, internal gateways, and servers. However, prior completion of the Cyber Essentials evaluation is mandatory.


Warrior Networks is committed to helping its customers successfully complete their Cyber Essentials assessment. To that end, we will be conducting a comprehensive readiness assessment of their IT infrastructure.

Before the formal Cyber Essentials audit, an assessment will be conducted to identify and address any vulnerabilities or issues. This comprehensive assessment will include a thorough inventory of all end-user devices such as servers, firewalls, workstations, laptops, company-issued mobile phones, and tablets. It will take into account the quantity, Operating System, and build versions of each device to ensure that all Operating Systems are supported and receiving firmware updates.

01. Readiness Assessment

1-day on-site or remote assessment

  • Discuss current security policiies with key stakeholders
  • Collation of crucial information to proceed with accreditation
  • Technical audit of IT Systems in place
  • Production of Cyber Essentials readiness  documentation highlighting any shortcomings before proceeding with Cyber Essentials Accreditation
  • Any remediation work identified will be quoted as a separate cost and will need to be completed before the Cyber Essentials audit can commence.

02. Cyber Essentials

  • 1 Day remote consultancy and support
  • Assess and gather information on your environment
  • Minor technical amends can be made upto 2 hours
  • Ensure IT polices are in place
  • Application completion by Warrior Networks and submission to IASME


03. Cyber Essentials Plus upgrade

  • 2 Days remote consultancy and support
  • For customers who want to upgrade to CE+ you must have already been accredited to CE, this must be done within 90 days (about 3 months) to achieve CE+
  • Internal assessment of upto 10 end user build samples
  • External vulnerability assessment for upto 16 ip addresses
  • Application completion by Warrior Networks and submission to IASME


Why choose Warrior Networks

Effective protection of your business requires more than just updating your cybersecurity measures on all devices. It entails proactive measures to safeguard your infrastructure and the ability to respond quickly to potential threats.

IASME has officially recognized Warrior Networks as an approved assessor for Cyber Essentials certification. This means that our team is fully equipped to guide businesses through every step of the certification process, offering expert advice and recommendations to ensure compliance with NCSC best practices. Our commitment to helping businesses protect themselves is evident through our certification and ongoing support.

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Warrior Networks Guarantee of certification

Customers who undergo a Warrior Networks readiness assessment and entrust us with the CE certification submission are assured to successfully pass the formal assessment and obtain the CE certification.

Additional security

In addition, our cyber security solutions are designed to safeguard your business from the remaining 20% of attack types, thus ensuring the implementation of top-notch industry practices that guarantee a 100% secure business.

Cyber Essentials Plus certified

At Warrior, we prioritize the security of both our own organization and those we work with. Our certification as a Cyber Essentials Plus company signifies our compliance with the necessary regulations and successful completion of rigorous technical evaluations.

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Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Management

At Warrior Networks, we take your security seriously. We understand that your data and privacy are of the utmost importance, and we are committed to providing you with a high degree of confidence that all risks are managed. Our team of experts specialize in information, cyber and privacy security risk assessment, and management advice, using the latest best practices recommended by the ICO, Cabinet Office, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and international ISO/IEC 27005 guidelines.

But we don't just stop at basic compliance standards. Our philosophy is one of integration, rather than isolation. We believe that risk management should be a comprehensive and ongoing process that is woven into the fabric of your organization's overall business and program objectives. By promoting integrated approaches to risk management, we ensure that all of our customers' security teams and delivery partners work in harmony towards a common goal - a secure and risk-free environment for all.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment (CRSA’s)

When it comes to conducting Cyber Security Risk Assessments (CRSA’s) we like to ask difficult questions, and by no means are our CRSA’s light touch. We do not simply conduct port scans and provide you with the report. 

Our goal is not to only tell you what the security gaps are in your business but also the uncomfortable loss either monetary or reputational based that will occur as a result of either these risks not being known or simply ignored over time.

An exploratory call will outline the technical operational tasks that are carried out and expectations from each side discussed.

 keyboard computer Shield cyber Key lock security system abstract technology
 keyboard computer Shield cyber Key lock security system abstract technology

Security Risk Management

Providing a high degree of confidence that all risks are managed

We can provide management advice about risk with this being based upon ICO, Cabinet Office, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and international best practice guidance (ISO/IEC 27005), covering a range of both component and system -based analysis methods.

Cyber Security Awareness (HMG or private sector)

Cyber Security Awareness is a one-day course for individuals who are entering the Cyber Security industry. This is a beginners’ course, teaching the basics of Security and Information Assurance (IA), and is suitable for both public and private sector employees. No previous experience within the subject is required. All training is conducted by our highly experienced team, all of whom are Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) and/or NCSC Certified Cyber Professionals (CCP). Where a company has specific content requirements, we can tailor the course to focus on these requirements accordingly.

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