Your data is your most valuable asset. We can help you to protect it.
Our Data Privacy and Protection knowledge and tools will help you to safeguard your business.

With Passion & Dedication

Formed in 2005 as a preferred supplier to UK
Ministry of Defence and Government.

Saving your time

Our long-standing experience means that we can provide each
customer, whatever their size, with pragmatic solutions exactly tailored to suit their specific requirements.

Skilled and Experienced Team

Mobile and highly experienced team consists of senior
professionals who are all passionate about IT security

Subject Matter Expertise

Short-, Medium-, and Long-Term Cover for Important Security Functions

Our services offer organizations comprehensive security solutions that span short-, medium-, and long-term needs for their programs or operations. We provide expert staffing for essential roles such as:

  • Security Assurance Coordinators,
  • Information Security Officers,
  • Chief Information Security Officers,
  • Certified Information Security Managers
  • Cyber Security Officers or Managers
  • Security Information Risk Advisors
  • Security Information Risk Officers
  • Security Accreditors
  • Security Architects
  • MOD JSP604 Case Officers.
IT professional admin using laptop computer
cyber security internet and networking concept

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Our subject matter expertise ensures that your organization has access to skilled professionals who can manage and enhance your security posture. Whether you need temporary cover or long-term support, our experts are equipped to handle critical security functions, ensuring the safety and integrity of your operations.

  • Security Assurance Coordinators: Oversee and ensure the implementation of security policies and practices.
  • Information Security Officers: Manage and protect sensitive information within your organization.
  • Chief Information Security Officers: Lead the development and implementation of your information security program.
  • Certified Information Security Managers: Provide leadership and guidance on managing and improving information security practices.
  • Cyber Security Officers or Managers: Protect your organization from cyber threats and manage security operations.